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0016.01 book contains signatures mainly of 1st World War wounded. Bangour Hospital.
0016.02 photograph group at Academy with placard "Votes for women".
0016.03 book signatures of 1st War wounded at Bangour Hospital.
0017.01 drawing drawing of proposed John Newland statue.
0017.02 photograph Mounted photo of Balbardie Primary School.
0017.03 programme Bathgate Academy Centenary Dinner 24/11/1933.
0017.04 suit suit was worn by John Hunter as a child.
0017.05 photograph John Hunter is wearing the suit(0017.4) in photograph.
0017.06 postcard John Hunter still in girl's clothing as was the custom for boys up to
0017.07 letter Addressed to Mr. Johnstone, stationer. Deceased Alexander Cooper, Mid
0017.08 booklet Bathgate Hills Country Park - An illustrated Guide. L11 BOX 84
0017.09 book Episodes in West Lothian History by A.M.Bisset.
0017.10 book John Newland by David Graham
0017.11 book Spring Blossom - Poems and Songs by A.M.Bisset Bathgate
0017.20 postcard @ WOOING THE DONKEY @.
0017.21 postcard @ The Land For The People @.
0017.22 postcard @ Parliament Pro @.
0017.23 postcard @ Before Election - After Election @.
0017.24 postcard @ Protection - Rogued @.
0017.25 postcard @ Going To Parliament @.

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