Access Number Item_Type Notes Link
0001.01 letter Letter from W.L. Council to W.I.M. on Drainage systems in Bathgate.
0001.02 plan General Plan of Purification Works.
0001.03 plan Plan & Sections of Purification Works.
0001.04 plan Detail Plans & Sections of new & existing Overflow Tanks.
0001.05 plan Plan of Regulating Wells, Dosing & Catch Pit.
0001.06 plan Plan & Sections of Spray Beds.
0001.07 plan Plan of special castings.
0001.08 plan Plan of Bathgate Sewage Details.
0001.09 plan Plan & Section - Purification Work, Spray Bed No. 3.
0001.10 plan Purification Works, Spray Bed No. 3 Details.