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0001.01 letter Letter from W.L. Council to W.I.M. on Drainage systems in Bathgate
0001.02 plan General Plan of Purification Works.
0001.03 plan Plan & Sections of Purification Works.
0001.04 plan Detail Plans & Sections of new & existing Overflow Tanks.
0001.05 plan Plan of Regulating Wells, Dosing & Catch Pit.
0001.06 plan Plan & Sections of Spray Beds.
0001.07 plan Plan of special castings.
0001.08 plan Plan of Bathgate Sewage Details.
0001.09 plan Plan & Section - Purification Work, Spray Bed No. 3.
0001.10 plan Purification Works, Spray Bed No. 3 Details.
0003.01 newspaper newspaper
0004.01-05 stencil Oakbank Oil Company. Stencil used to stencil names on oil drums.
0004.02 magazine Lindsay High School
0005.01 medal Burgh of Bathgate centenary.
0006.02 postcard postcard
0006.03 photograph war grave.
0006.04 photograph war grave.
0006.05 photograph Menin gate.
0011.01 poster Poster for 'The Gun Runner' Green's Pavilion, 4/10/1957.
0012.05 box Regal Picture House, Bathgate

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